Q. How long does it take to deliver the products?
A. If you have purchased a product that was in stock, it will take 5-6 working days to reach you.
Q. How long does it take to deliver pre ordered products?
A. Pre ordered products can take upto 6 weeks to be delivered to you. All pre ordered products are made as and when orders are placed. Each product needs to be dried slowly and evenly over three weeks. Hence 6 weeks are required to deliver pre ordered products.
Q. The products I purchased were delivered broken. What do I do?
A. Don't worry, please get in touch on email or WhatsApp on the same day when the products were delivered. Please send a photo of the broken pieces. You will receive a refund for the broken ware if it was delivered broken.
Q. How do I sign up for a pottery class?
A. Pottery classes, online and offline will be regularly announced and conducted throughout the year. If you'd like to call first dibs on the classes, sign up for the Newsletter. All announcements happen there first :)
Q. Do you conduct classes and workshops for groups? 
A. Yes. If you're interested in doing a group class online or at the studio, contact me via email or WhatsApp. Ideal group size of 3 for an in-studio class and 8 for an online group class.
Q. Where is your studio?
A. The studio is in Indiranagar, Bangalore; find the detailed address on 'Contact' page.
Q. What facilities do you have at the studio?
A. With regards to a pottery setup, the studio is equipped with Shimpo wheels, Skutt Kiln, Frema Slab Roller, wedging tables, shelves and a recycling setup. With regards to utilities, we have an attached washroom and a pantry for student use.