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Artist portrait of Gauri Oak with her pots in a studio setting

Hi, I am Gauri!

A ceramic artist and teacher. I have an independent atelier in Bangalore. I teach and create from my cosy and fully equipped home studio. This is my online store where I'll be showcasing my work and journey as a ceramist.

My Story


A short and sweet intro to me, my work and my studio.


I had the pleasure of attending an online pottery jam with Gauri back in 2020 and I immensely enjoyed her teaching style and pacing.

Fast forward to 2021 and she opened her private studio classes to the world and I hopped on. I was lucky to secure a place in her second batch of classes. From the get go, I realised I had picked the best teacher possible for my foray into the pottery world. The classes were fun but also immersive. We learnt the fundamentals of hand building and wheel throwing as well as many nifty tricks and techniques to enhance our work.

She is methodical and scientific in her teaching style and couples it with simple step-by-step processes to make learning approachable for even the most beginner of students. She is also kind, patient and a great person to be around.
Bonus - She has great taste in music!

I had zero experience before I went into her classes and I came out with 17 pieces which I will hold on to for dear life!

100% recommend to anyone wanting to learn from the best!

The techniques and guidance given by Gauri were so helpful in identifying the potter in me. I just blindly followed her steps and things started working great. Her ability to identify the mistakes and correcting them gave me a lot of confidence while throwing.
The Studio is so awesome!
Please do not miss any opportunity to learn under Gauri. She is an amazing teacher!

Went for a 2 days hand building workshop and every single minute spent was amazing...so much We (me and my 11 year old daughter) got to learn ..Gauri is just too good...she has so much of patience and shared every possible tips and tricks. We are definitely attending her other workshops too.

I highly recommend learning from Gauri espcially if you are a beginner because it's important to have a teacher who is patient when you are learning something new in your thirties. Apart from giving you in detail demos and lessons to prepping clay, she will encourage you to take on projects that you would not otherwise imagine completing. In the two day hand building workshop, I ended up sculpting a beautiful rhinoceros (Complicated but enjoyed the process entirely) and a lovely candle stand / centre piece with slabs. The fun part about the process was that she encouraged me to use all the tools she had at her disposal so I get an idea on how to use everything from just those two days. ( Helps you with your purchase decision later) and the attention she gives you throughout is undivided. Very approachable and friendly as long as your queries are valid. All in all a good teacher to learn about the world of pottery because she will try teaching you everything she knows and let's you explore clay and learn the rest by yourself.

I attended a two day glazing workshop with Gauri and the entire experience more than surpassed my expectations. She was patient and made it a point to spend time with each of us. All in all it was a fun two days with plenty of learning.

Esha Bhoon
Poornima Ram
Samruddhi Bhat
Sangeetha Maliakal
Riddhima R

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